We at Flavorful Beverages International Inc. strive to supply innovative CONCENTRATE solutions to our bottler/distributor associates Internationally.

Since 1993, Flavorful has been supplying a wide range of concentrates including; juices, frozen beverages, sodas, ice teas, all-purpose concentrates, soft serve ice cream, liquid coffees and pancake syrups to the Food Service Industry.

*We speak fluent English, Spanish and French.


We have gained considerable experience working with bottlers and food service companies Internationally to assist them to increase their market shares by introducing bag-in-box (BIB) finish concentrates and frozen products to their line of product.

We now produce over 300 concentrate formulations including; juices, still drinks, ice teas, power drinks, flavored water, slush, frozen cocktails, frozen carbonated drinks, liquid coffees and coffee flavors, cordials, soft serve ice cream and much more. If we do not have the flavor formulation we will created.

Our team of specialists also offer the following support:

  • Choice of dispensing equipment
  • Market Research and development 
  • Manufacturing options
  • Sales and Marketing training
  • Logistic advisers


Tropical blended beverages on the beach

Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothies in Glasses

What makes us different?

All our products are Shelf Stable, no refrigeration required. The shelf life of most products range between 5 months to a year, under ambient conditions. Product life can be extended through refrigeration.

Oils, essences and aromas are converted into concentrates for ultimate quality. No burning from pasteurization.

We utilize concentrates of the highest quality.

Products are packaged to ensure flavor, product freshness and shelf life. We offer the capability of custom formulating any type of juice, or frosted products.

Product formulation to adapt from 1% to 100% juice content.

Products can be enhanced with Vitamins and supplements on request.

Our soft serve and shake mix keep up to a year under ambient conditions.

See What Others Are Saying About Us

  • Hi! I am wanting to know if you only sale product on a large scale. Me and my husband have traveled to many Sandals resorts that use your product, and love it. I do own a small bakery, but I am wanting to know if I can purchase your product for personal use. We have a couple of bars at our home and would love to stock up on some of your superb mixe...

    - Hannah M

  • I have written before and I've lost information. Had a fantastic vacation in the Bahamas in the summer. We were at an inclusive resort and were served Pina Coladas.. Excellent mix! How much is the cost with tax and shipping to buy a case?

    Thanks so much!

    - Sandy K