Juice & ice tea solutions for bars, restaurants without the need of dispensing equipment

Published August 20th, 2019 by Flavoradmin


                                                  Flavorful Juices and Iced Tea concentrates

                                                         (4+1 ratio) in 64 oz. bottles



“Shelf Stable” concentrates in 64 oz bottle. Just mix with water

Fruit punch, orange, cranberry, pineapple, apple, lemonade and lemon sweet iced tea.


  • No dispensing equipment needed. Just mix with water
  • Great for bars, restaurants, events, home use…
  • ½ gallon bottle will yield 2.5 gallons of RTD (Ready to drink) or 32 x 10oz. glasses
  • A case of 6 x ½ gallon of finish concentrate yields 15 gallons of RTD or 192x 10oz. glasses, same amount as a 3 gals BIB
  • One case of 6 x ½ gallons is the equivalent of: 3.75 cases of 

(8 x 64 oz.) of ready to drink juices and ice teas


Packaged in boxes of  6 x ½ gallons. 60 cases to a pallet.


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