Concentrates flavors for bottling, BIB packaging or 1 liter, half gallon and gallon packaging.

Published June 8th, 2020 by Flavoradmin

Over the years, we have developed a multitude of flavors for bottling/packaging Internationally in any market. We can ship extracts, semi-finish concentrates and finish concentrates worldwide in 55 gallons drums, pails and even 275 gallon totes. 

The only ingredients required buy a bottler is water, sugar or high fructose and PET packaging. We can also supply  basic ingredients, BIB, frozen cocktail and slush packaging. 

This is the most efficient and economical way of producing Internationally. We ship a semi-finish product without the water and sugar. This can usually come in as raw material, reducing or eliminating duties, freight cost and taxes.

We have technical consultants available for set up to assist if required.

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