Semi Finish Concentrates

Semi Finish Concentrates

Flavorful Beverages produces Semi finished concentrates from a wide range of beverage recipes that include our special "Shelf Stable" formulation.

Once at your production facilities, the Semi Finish concentrate is poured into a mixing tank where water, sugar (simple syrup), or fructose or sweetener along with a few basic ingredients are added.

These can then be packaged locally in Bag in the Box (BIB), bottles, cans, gallons or half gallons containers. Yield of each drum varies depending on the juice content.

Semi-Finish concentrate is produced in Florida for shipping anywhere in the world in 55 gal plastic drums.

Achieve important savings by mixing and packaging our products locally.

Many manufacturers already have most of the equipment required to package from our “Shelf Stable” semi-finished.

Cost of set up is relatively modest.

We supply the technical assistance to set up your production line along with the specifications (Formulas) to achieve the level of quality that will meet your requirements and high standards.