NEW offer - Hand wash - Kill 99.1% of Germs, Fungus, Bacteria and Viruse

Published June 8th, 2020 by Flavoradmin

Earliest this month, we started supplying a natural Hand Wash under the brand name Bioneat to International distributors. We ship pallets of 13 oz bottles, half gallon, gallon or in 55 gallon drums for local packaging. 

Wash your hands anytime anywhere without water 

Bioneat™ Hand Wash - Trusted since 2011 Clinically Proven to Kill 99.1% of Germs, Fungus, Bacteria and Viruses

Made with Organic and Natural Biobased Ingredients Including Water, Organic Oils, Botanical Enzymes & Minerals, Biobased Fatty Acids. 

Bioneat is just as effective as alcohol based sanitizers and antibacterial products with the added benefits of being: 




•Non Caustic

•Non Hazardous

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