Super Extracts

  • Flavorful Beverages also offers a wide range of super extracts for remote production. These high yield products range between 100+ 1 to 400+1 ratio.

  • As an example, our 200 +1 ratio (200 part water to 1 part super extract) can produce 1000 gallon of ready to drink (RTD) beverages from a 5 gallon super extract container.

  • With our super extract, the producer needs to add water, sugar (simple syrup) or high fructose along with some basic additional ingredients to locally manufacture a tasty “shelf stable” product that will generate great earning potentials for their company.

  • Packaged in cans, PET or glass bottles, these products offer high margins for a distributor.

  • Our product development Team can assist in each phase of their process from production, marketing to sales.


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